Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Site Collection Content migration from one server to another

Please go through the below step for migrating the content Database of web application from one to another server.

Pre-Requisites :-

  1. SiteCollection Content Backup.
  2. Custom Solutions.
  3. Version of SharePoint & SQL server

Step to Migrate Content DB :-
  1. Create Web application on new SP Server.
  2. Create Site Collection under Web application.
  3. Detach the database from SQL Server.
  4. Restore the database with same name on SQL Server.
  5. Run the below command's on powershell
  6. Dismount-SPContentDatabase "<ContentDb Name>"
  7. Mount-SPContentDatabase "<ContentDb>" -DatabaseServer "<DbServer>" -WebApplication "<web application url>"
  8. Change the Site collection administrator for Web Application
  9. Deploy the solution.

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